(Classical) Georg & Franz Benda - Flute Sonatas (Veronika Oross, Kousay Mahdi, Angelika Csizmadia) - 2015, MP3 320 kbps

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Georg & Franz Benda - Flute Sonatas ( Veronika Oross, Kousay Mahdi, Angelika Csizmadia ) Жанр: Classical
Год издания: 2015
Издатель (лейбл): Hungaroton
Номер по каталогу: B0048JGQO8
Дата записи: 2010
Аудиокодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01.11.59
Источник: WEB
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: обложки, буклет
Треклист:Georg Anton Benda (1722 - 1795)Flute Sonata in F Major
01. I. Andante 2:58
02. II. Allegro 3:11
03. III. Presto 3:12
Flute Sonata in B-Flat Major
04. I. Largo 3:31
05. II. Allegro 5:32
06. III. Allegro moderato 5:11Franz Benda (1709-1786)Flute Sonata in D Major
07. I. Adagio 2:50
08. II. Allegro 4:23
09. III. Tempo di minuetto 3:57
Flute Sonata in E Minor
10. I. Largo, ma un poco andante 3:50
11. II. Arioso, un poco allegro 5:01
12. III. Presto 4:15Georg Anton BendaFlute Sonata in A Major
13. I. Adagio 2:48
14. II. Allegro 3:56
15. III. Vivace 4:35
Flute Sonata in G Major
16. I. Allegro moderato 3:23
17. II. Andantino 4:32
18. III. Allegro 4:47Исполнители:
Veronika Oross - flute
Kousay Mahdi - baroque cello
Angelika Csizmadia - harpsichordДоп. информация:

скрытый текст

The court of Frederick the Great in Berlin has been musically associated mostly with the career of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, yet that prosperous establishment employed a host of other composers and musicians. This release from the Hungaroton label is one of a number to have taken up the Berlin repertory. Included are flute sonatas by two Bohemian brothers, Georg and Franz Benda, discovered in Danish archive. No date of composition is surmised, but they presumably come from around the middle of the 18th century. It's hard to point on the basis of these sonatas to a distinction in the style of one brother or the other; all are well-made, sunny works that are idiomatically written for the transverse flute. Each is in three movements: the first slow, the second a fast piece in the new Classical style, with varied harmonic rhythm (rate of chord change), and the third, although only one is so marked, either a minuet or a gigue, except for the final piece, a kind of Rigaudon. They lie right on the borderline between Baroque and Classical. The chief Baroque element is a harpsichord-and-cello continuo, indicated in the source only by an unfigured bass line. The continuo seems to work at cross purposes with the exciting climaxes in the fast movements, yet it is hard to imagine how else this line might be realized. The instruments are apparently modern -- that played by Kousay Mahdi is designated as a Baroque cello, but it was built in 1929, when there was not really any such thing -- but the performances are lively and idiomatic. Flutist Veronika Oross is especially effective in the opening slow movements, which are full binary structures with the ornaments for the flutist written out. This has made the Bendas' compositions interesting for those who study performance practice, and it seems likely that specialists will make up the primary audience for this release, but it's enjoyable enough for anyone. Booklet notes are in English, French, German, and Hungarian.
James Manheim

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