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Fraud on vinyl disks or ZOMBIES rise! 0 admin 649

2018-12-08 05:52

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Мошенничество на виниловых дисках или - ЗОМБИ поднимаются! 0 admin 1221

2018-11-03 20:30

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Продажная судебная МАШИНА 0 admin 1214

2016-01-16 20:48

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Вторая гигантская черная дыра! 0 admin 1028

2016-01-16 15:51

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Ученые назвали причину появления головной боли 0 admin 1175

2016-01-12 21:38

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В Китае не останется защищенных мессенджеров 0 admin 1115

2016-01-02 08:12

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Освежители воздуха являются одной из причин рака 0 admin 1227

2016-01-02 07:53

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Ракета носитель "Феникс" 0 admin 1098

2016-01-02 07:34

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Детектирование тёмной материи 0 admin 1037

2016-01-02 07:28

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We believe the facts, not Putin's lies! The fact that the Government is leading Russia to extermination.
Since the population is falling, even despite the influx of emigrants!
The Russian nation is dying and degenerating, mingling with emigrants!
The fact that military and business citizens are forced to vote for the party United Russia and Putin
We do not need a government that blocks privacy, the Internet, which violates the safety of data.
All these actions are funded by the people!
Half of the people of Russia are below the poverty line!